Martin Tech Support (MTS Tracking) offers innovative attendance tracking and lead retrieval services that will save you and your company valuable resources. MTS Tracking has created a seamless, hassle-free and stress-free approach. Whether you have a conference with 50 different sessions over the three days or you have a one hour lunch-and-learn program, MTS Tracking can drastically limit the amount of effort you put into tracking who attended sessions at your event.

Our goal at MTS Tracking is to meet the needs of the smaller associations and larger national groups with superior customer service.

With our experience in lead retrieval, badge production and attendance tracking, we realized there was a niche that could have real potential. We noticed that the larger lead retrieval companies offered attendance tracking as a side option to the national groups. A need that has not been met or catered to is the local state and chapter levels as well as the national level attendance tracking.

What has MTS done to innovate attendance tracking?

MTS Tracking has a system that was designed around the needs of our customers. Knowing that different groups have different needs, our system has the capabilities to handle multiple data input options.

  • Data collection with the use of scanning equipment
  • Electronic database submission of attendance
  • Paper sign in sheets

  • With this functionality, MTS Tracking can join your team and seamlessly work with your current procedures that are in place and migrate to a more sophisticated solution in the future.

    Our on demand system lends the convenience of producing online reports when you need them most. There are four standard reports currently available:

  • Session attendee counts
  • Session rosters
  • Attendee report of full attendance (Creates an attendee certificate for the event)
  • Attendee report of individual sessions attended (Creates individual certificates for each session)

  • MTS Tracking is also a leader in the industry by offering online certificates to the attendee. Our system allows the attendee to pull up their attendance record and print a certificate or email it to themselves.

    How can MTS Tracking save you valuable organization resources?

    MTS Tracking can save you money and time in many areas. Since we will maintain a database for the event, it will eliminate repetitive data entry of the same attendee information for multiple sessions which drastically saves staff time and error provention. MTS Tracking will eliminate the additional expenses of printing certificates, envelopes and mailing costs by utilizing the standard online certificates. You will no longer have the tedious follow-up at the end of each program which is known for wasting a significant amount of staff time.