Attendance Tracking for

1D Scanner

We use a 1D scanner for attendance tracking. It is very easy to use, has just one button that does every thing you need to do. The scanner is very fast to use. When attendees are coming or going from their sessions we want to scan them as fast as possible. Other types of scanners 2D and mag stripes are very slow and their badges are expensive. You need special software to make their badges, with 1D all you need is a font that we will give to you.

Attendance Tracking

MTS attendance tracking is a cost effective solution to be able to track session interest, give session rosters to speakers and to be able to product timely certificates.

MTS offers a modular product that is customized to meet your needs. We can integrate with your current situation and reduce your staff involvement. By using MTS, your group will offer timely and cost effective certificates. We will continue to work with your group to continue to move forward with electronic tracking and certificates at very reasonable prices.

To get started, all you need to do is contact MTS. You will need to offer the information about the attendees for the database and produce an unique barcode on each attendee's badge. You then will choose a method of collection; scanning equipment and MTS staff for onsite processing, ship scanning equipment and return it for processing, or send data of attendees in each session to be processed. MTS will download the equipment, process the data and produce reports usually in less than a week of all information being received. MTS can also offer online certificates for your attendees to log on and print their own.